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Semi free travel in Harbin
Date:Every Tuesday / Sunday
Price:From 3080 yuan
Eight things we must do in Northeast China
1. Go for a walk in the Central Street 2. Ski once; 3. Take a snowmobile
4. Make a snowman selfie 5. Splash water into ice 6. Eat authentic pot meat
7. The bonfire party is full of fun

Hangzhou - Harbin, the body is not moving, the heart is far away, pack your bags, set out

[flight reminder] Dear VIP, Hello! Please arrive at the domestic airport 120 minutes in advance for check-in, and arrive in Harbin city about 50 minutes after receiving the plane.

[customer service contact] one day in advance, the company's professional customer service personnel will check with you the flight number and the phone number of the pick-up person. Please keep the phone unblocked.

[warm keeping equipment] in winter, the temperature in Northeast China is about - 17 to - 30 degrees in the daytime. Before leaving, you need to prepare: warm and quick drying underwear + thick down jacket + sweater + thick socks + Lei Feng HAT + ski gloves + collar + thick mask + windbreak + ski suit + warm baby + snow boots + knee protection

[food strategy]

Harbin local food prices are not high, snacks flavor, northeast characteristics are very popular, you can taste recommended

1. Oriental Dumpling King (about 50 yuan per capita)

2. The catering area of Wanda shopping mall has many Northeast characteristics. Bixiangheju is a century old store in Harbin (about 100 yuan per capita)

3. Watching Errenzhuan around the iron pot to taste the Northeast characteristics (about 100 yuan per capita)

4. There will be a lot of snacks in the pedestrian street of central street, such as guobaorou.

Accommodation: Other courtyard or private villa in Yabuli Meal: breakfast

Theme: Yabuli Skiing, snow watching

[scenic area strategy]

1. It is recommended that Yabuli Xinhao sunshine resort ski resort, skiing (ticket 150 yuan / person, including the cost of snow equipment). It is the birthplace of China's tourism skiing industry, and has been rated as the most enterprising ski resort in Asia. It has the highest level ski resort and 2680 meters long cableway in China, with a skiing period of up to five months. The hardware facilities are perfect and the design of ski path is reasonable.

2. In snow town, China (120 yuan per person, the cost is self-care). Please help the driver to buy the ticket, take the luggage and take the bus to enter the scenic area. The night view of the snow town is very beautiful. It is suggested that the mobile phone and camera should be fully charged, and be prepared for cold protection. The sightseeing plank road, big stone tablet and snow Yun Street are recommended. The snow scenery on the sightseeing plank road is very beautiful, and there is no need to pay for the snow mushroom.

[skiing strategy]

1. There are many ski coaches in the ski resort. If you want to learn the basic skills and safety of skiing, you can hire a personal trainer. The fee is (240 yuan / 3 hours), and the tip is about 50. If you just want to experience it, there is no need to ask a coach, you can play slowly in the primary ski path.

2. Girls are advised not to make up and put their valuable jewelry in advance.

[gourmet strategy] 1. Yabuli farmyard is a good choice to taste farmhouse dishes (large amount of northeast dishes, don't waste too much) and stewed in iron pot (stewed goose and chicken) in an iron pot, with a per capita cost of about 50 yuan.

2. There are few specialized restaurants in Xuexiang, which are basically eaten in the hometown, but they are seasonal operation and in the forest area. Therefore, the price of dishes is high. It is suggested to order home cooked dishes and self provided red sausage snacks.

[warm reminder]

1. Clothing: warm and quick drying underwear + thick socks + Lei Feng HAT + ski gloves + collar + thick mask + windbreak + ski suit.

2. Safety: skiing is a kind of high-risk sport. You can choose entertainment according to your own conditions. For the sake of safety and experience, it is suggested to ask a coach to follow the coach's safety guidance. If you ski for the first time, you should not rush to the middle and high-grade ski trails.

3. Supply: Xuexiang is a seasonal scenic spot with high price. Please supply snacks and daily necessities in Yabuli in advance.

Accommodation: In Xuexiang Scenic Area Meal: breakfast

Theme: big snow Valley, playing tiktok, playing with snow, shaking the sound, splashing water into ice.

7: Healthy breakfast.

8: After 00:00, take the [scenic area strategy] where does Dad go to shoot? Snow valley scenic spot, the ticket is 198 yuan / person, including 5 highlights activities (discount of about 70% for group membership, and the expenses are self-care)

Highlight 1: through time and space, dream back to a hundred years, and the most primitive northeast snow town intimate meeting, cutting window, baking pancakes, making sugar gourd!

Highlight 2: visit the scenic features lost in the early period of the Republic of China, experience the pure northeast traditional folk customs, and watch the snow folk culture such as downhill (logging) horn, grabbing Galaha, jumping snow rubber band and so on!

Highlight 3: beautiful natural landscape with the small net red scenery, climb the viewing platform to see the whole picture of Xueyuan village, and take a 360 degree overlooking photo of wanghong!

Highlight 4: dressed in the northeast traditional clothing - cotton padded jacket, catch up with the new year goods collection, cross the axis of a century, incarnate the villagers of snow village!

Highlight 5: explore "the last hunting tribe in China" - Ewenki folk culture village. "Weihu hall in the forest and snow fields" restores the effect of Weihu hall at the film and television level, and reproduces the scene of "Baota Town River demon" Yang Zirong's wisdom fighting mountain carving in slang.

[food strategy] cold water live fish feast of Hezhe Nationality in daxuegu 40 yuan / person

Highlight 1: fresh is the most delicious, Hezhen cold water live fish is to drill ice and open the river to catch live fish, to ensure fresh ingredients!

Highlight 2: Stewed with spring water from the frozen spring of Xuexiang, the original ecology is green and natural, and the live fish banquet is the highest courtesy for Hezhe people to entertain distinguished guests!

[entertainment strategy]

1. The essential net red punch card -- (special transport vehicle for polar Mountaineering) 280 yuan / person (discount of about 70% for the report group, and the cost is self-care). The same type of snow dragon snow chain track mountaineering vehicle in Antarctic exploration can experience the super powerful mountain climbing monster and enjoy the safe and comfortable mountain climbing journey in the warm car.

2. Pour water into ice: the beautiful cry of "splash water into ice", not only requires low temperature environment, but also has to pour out boiling hot water!

[warm reminder]

1. Clothes: warm and quick drying underwear + snow boots + Lei Feng HAT + ski gloves + Bib + thick mask + thick down jacket + warm baby

2. Safety: when riding snowmobiles, you must hold the driver's waist. Do not let go of bumpy roads.

3. If you want to play "throwing water into ice", prepare a thermos cup and 100 ° boiling water.

Accommodation: Harbin Hot Spring Hotel Meal: breakfast

Theme: Harbin Central Street food clock in

[scenic area strategy] 1. The charming Dading mountain hot spring scenic spot (gift), the luxurious sailing hot spring resort hotel in Harbin on the Bank of Songhua River, where you can enjoy the outdoor hot spring. "China's first fluorine spring" has significant effects on health care, medical treatment, beauty, fatigue recovery, arthritis, health care and anti-aging.

2. Central Street: 1450 meters in length, the longest pedestrian street in Asia at present. This commercial street with a history of more than 100 years gathers many classic European buildings. Open a variety of department stores, food and snacks, every night, the whole street is rendered by lights.

[food strategy]

Do a pursuit of food, I never lack of food and drink in Harbin.

1. Old brand: recommend secret pot meat, bone soup, braised crisp fish, shrimp dumplings, about 30 yuan per capita.

2. Xuefu Yipin sauce bone: Sauce bone, mushroom soup, mixed vegetables, big bone stick are recommended, with an average of about 50 yuan.

3. Old Chef: recommend pork in pot, dried bean curd with hot pepper, beer fish and pickled vegetables, about 50 yuan per capita.

4. Mardiel cold drink room: Rum ice cream, madel popsicle, roasted red sausage and old-fashioned bread are recommended, with an average of about 20 yuan

[warm reminder] when staying in the hot spring hotel on the same day, bath clothes, bath towels, etc. are in the bath bag of the room, which is convenient for use when taking a hot spring bath. When you return to the room after the hot spring bath, the bath bag should be brought back to the room in case of unnecessary trouble when the waiter rounds the room.

Accommodation: Meal: breakfast

Theme of Harbin Hangzhou dream snow country in the daytime

[introduction to scenic spots] shopping 1. The local busy Songlei and Qiulin business districts can enjoy free activities. You can buy Qiulin red sausage, local local products, etc.

Punch in 2. [ice sculpture art treasure ice and snow world] the market price is about 300 yuan (discount tickets can be purchased from travel agencies or platform tickets, and the platform needs to buy tickets 3 hours in advance). Harbin Winter is 15:30-16:30, and you can go there two hours in advance to play a customs clearance. Basically, there are all kinds of ice lanterns and ice sculptures, snow white and snow dolls, row by row and high High, very spectacular.

[thermal equipment] snow boots + Lei Feng HAT + ski gloves + neck + thick mask + thick down jacket + warm baby + warm cup.

[must play project] 1. The passion slide (free) is the "hottest" area queuing up every year. This year, the ice and snow world still lives up to expectations, and it is upgraded again, breaking the park record to build the longest ice slide with 365 length and 16 meter drop.

2. Ice bike (free).

3. 6D movie (free) can get up to 60 people at a time and need to queue up in advance.

4. Ice show (free) queue in advance according to the time of the scenic spot.

[warm tips]

1. Every year around December 23, the ice and snow world opens. Children under 1.2 meters and the elderly over 70 years old are free of charge.

2. Prepare the power bank and camera. If the outdoor temperature is low, the mobile phone will consume a lot of power, and it will be frozen. You can choose to use the SLR for taking photos.

3. Do a good job in keeping warm, you must stick warm baby on the sole of your feet, or you will be waiting to become another ice sculpture in the world of ice and snow.

4. You can buy a small skateboard on the side of the road for about 10 yuan. Couples or children can pull and play on the snow and ice.

Accommodation:  Meal: breakfast

Include project

1. Air ticket: including round-trip ticket, airport construction tax and fuel fee. Once the ticket is issued, the ticket change and refund shall be carried out according to the passenger regulations of each airline.

2. Housing:

The first night: Heifei, Lifeng, shuiyi, Tianhui or the same level

The second night Yabuli: a courtyard or private villa in the middle of the mountain or the same level

The third night in the snow village scenic spot: the exquisite folk custom double hot Kang, the independent bath (four people during the Spring Festival)

4th night: sailing hot spring hotel or beautiful island Hot Spring Hotel

(please understand that hotels of the same level can be replaced if the government takes over the designated hotels or the hotels are in special shortage in peak season.)

3. Dining: the hotel provides 4 times of breakfast free of charge. There is no main meal in the whole process. You can choose your own meals according to the recommendation (Xuexiang and Yabuli belong to scenic spots, breakfast is relatively simple, there are many diners, and occasionally need to wait, and the driver's meal is eaten with the guests or 30 yuan for each meal)

4. Car use: SUV off-road vehicle used in the trip, free pick-up service, guarantee a seat for each person. (2-4 SUV; 4-6 Buick GL8)

5. Admission: please take care of the first large ticket of the scenic spots listed in the itinerary according to the wishes of the guests. The senior citizens and children are subject to the preferential treatment of the scenic spot. Some scenic spots have group purchase discount of travel agencies, which is implemented according to the actual price.

6. Guide: local driver and guide

7. Other: including the local regular travel agency liability insurance + travel accident insurance, so that you can rest assured that the game is guaranteed.

Excluding items

1. Single room difference in the whole process (if there is a single room for men or women or natural single room, the guest shall pay for the single room difference);

2. There is no refund if you don't participate in the free items

3. Personal consumption (such as laundry, telephone and other services not mentioned in the hotel);

4. Hotel accommodation deposit;

5. Ground service fee (transportation fee, luggage storage fee, etc.) of each railway station;

6. Food and transportation expenses during free activities outside the trip;

7. Additional expenses caused by accidents such as traffic delay and cancellation, or force majeure such as war, strike, natural disaster, etc;

8. Additional expenses paid for personal and property losses caused by tourists' breach of contract, their own fault and their own diseases;

Children's arrangement

Including round-trip air tickets, local tourist parking space and Kang seat in Xuexiang. Children do not include tickets, beds, breakfast cash, skiing entertainment at their own expense, experience project self-care.

Shopping arrangement


matters needing attention

Northeast winter equipment strategy

The winter in Northeast China is relatively cold compared with the south, but it is not as cold as expected. There is heating in the room, and the general indoor temperature is above 20 ℃. However, due to the climate characteristics of Northeast China, there are still some matters needing attention

【1】 Clothes

1. There is a big temperature difference between morning and evening in Northeast China. Please add or subtract clothes according to the temperature. It is necessary to wear cold proof clothes, snow shoes, gloves and hats.

2. The north is warm and dry indoors. If you change your clothes and trousers (as long as they are not sweaters and down jackets) and hang them indoors after washing them at night, they will be basically dry the next day. So you don't need to bring more clothes. 2-3 sets are enough to change

3. Clothes: down jacket with strong function, windproof, waterproof, warm keeping, good air permeability and soft texture. The down content is better than 180g. The temperature inside and outside the bus is quite different. Clothes should be easy to wear and take off, preferably a zipper shirt; pants should be down pants or ski pants, and if you are afraid of cold, add Fleece Pants or sweater pants. It can hold up when it snows.

4. Shoes: "cold starts from the feet" from the perspective of warmth, shoes are the most important. A pair of lightweight and warm shoes with thick soles and antiskid can make you feel warm all over the body and prevent slipping on the ice and snow road. With the warm foot stickers, it won't be cold even in Mohe.

5. Gloves: choose five finger waterproof gloves, convenient, flexible, warm, play when not wet, avoid frostbite.

6. Hat: Lei Feng HAT + neck cover + mask is OK.

7. About small items: a thermos cup is essential (you can drink hot water at any time), sunglasses, to avoid snow stabbing your eyes, camera thermal cover. It's better to carry shopping bags or a larger backpack to store small items. If you play, it's easy to lose small items.

In the outdoor, please remember to tell the children not to touch the metal objects directly with their hands, otherwise the skin may be stuck off.

【2】 About diet

Because of the low temperature in Northeast China, the food taste is heavy. If the diet is not suitable, it should be put forward to the tour guide as soon as possible and adjusted in time. On the way, drink more water and eat more fruits. As the temperature is low, you can take some chocolate with you to supplement the heat.

【3】 Common sense of cold prevention

1. The rooms in Northeast China are equipped with heating equipment, and the room temperature can reach above 22 ℃, which forms a temperature difference of more than 40 degrees with the outdoor temperature of - 15 ℃ - 20 ℃. Therefore, you should take off your coat, hat, scarf and gloves when you enter the room. This is one of the most important steps in preventing colds.

2. When sweating in outdoor activities and it is hot and dry, do not take off the hat and gloves, take off the coat to cool, wipe the sweat on the head as soon as possible, and take off the hat, gloves and coat after entering the room.

3. Warm cup, dry food (do not bring bread, you can bring some biscuits, chocolate, SaQima, etc., because bread will freeze in cold places ~ hard, like stone.) It is recommended to take some effervescent tablets and drink one cup every night to enhance resistance and prevent cold.

【4】 Use and maintenance of camera

(1) When the camera and battery are cooled, the efficiency will be reduced, but it will return to normal after returning to normal temperature. Therefore, when the camera is outside, it should be kept warm in the coat. When using it, it should be moved quickly. After shooting, it should be put back into the inner layer of the clothes.

(2) In the process of taking photos, the camera must be hung around the neck to prevent it from being broken.

(3) When you enter the room from the cold outdoor, the surface of the frozen camera will overflow with water droplets, which is easy to damage the parts. The best way is to wrap the camera in a plastic bag before entering the room, put it into the bag and bring it into the room. Then open the plastic bag two hours later, so that no water will come out.

【5】 Outdoor safety

When carrying out outdoor activities in the snow covered area, please obey the leader's arrangement. Do not leave the team without authorization or take photos in some areas with unclear conditions, so as to avoid accidents; when walking on the ice and snow, the knees should be slightly bent, the body's center of gravity should be tilted forward and small steps should be taken, so that it is not easy to slip. When carrying out activities with certain risks (e.g. ice sports, skiing, etc.), we must follow the guidance of the team leader and coach. Before the activities, rub hands and stamp feet, pay attention to the exposed skin to keep warm. When the warm feeling comes, it is not easy to get frostbite, and it will not cause fracture and other injuries due to falling down. If local frostbite is caused by carelessness, frostbite cream should be applied.

Northern winter snow is more, snow reflection is larger, you need to wear sunglasses when you go out, especially when you ski outdoors for a long time, you must wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

item at one's own expense



1. The charging standard for children under 12 years old: only includes round-trip ticket, destination meal, tour bus fee and tour guide service, the rest are not included.

2. If the guests need to leave the group due to their own reasons, the tickets, accommodation (no refund of accommodation fees during the golden week) and meals will be returned. The remaining expenses will be refunded after deducting the losses according to the relevant policies of the grand transportation, and no refund will be made for the free items.

3. Please don't put valuables and emergency medicines in your checked luggage to avoid losing them. During the tour, please keep it properly.

4. Tickets for scenic spots are included in the itinerary. According to the regulations of local scenic spots, special holders will be given tickets (there is no discount for small traffic and cruise ships). Please bring your student card, senior citizen's card, retirement certificate, officer's certificate, disability certificate and other valid documents. You must show them to the guide in advance. In case of any discount, the discount price of tickets enjoyed by the travel agency and the actual preferential ticket price will be used The difference between the two will be returned locally.

5. The grounding quality is based on the customer's local opinion sheet. Please fill in it carefully.

Other matters

Skiing precautions:

1: When you first arrive at the ski resort, you should first understand the general situation of the ski resort, remember the distribution of facilities on the map, recognize the warning signs, and strictly abide by the relevant safety management regulations of the ski resort.

2: Pay attention to the opening hours of cableway and do not ride when unattended. Pay attention to the safety and reliability of equipment and lines when skiing. Check skis, poles and motorcycles well in advance, including whether there is any fracture, whether the fixator is firmly connected, whether the accessories are complete, etc.

3: : when the equipment is abnormal or the road condition is not clear, stop first, and then move forward after identifying the situation.

4: Beginners should pay attention to step by step, according to their ability. During the training period, we should obey the arrangement and command of the coach and the staff of the snow field. When the training level is not up to a certain level, it is not allowed to ski in the snow area with high technical requirements, so as to avoid accidents.

5: Understand the relevant rules of skiing, such as leaving the track when stopping for rest, so as not to affect others, and pay attention to keep a certain distance with others when skiing to avoid collision. Do not hit the person in front of you when you slide down, otherwise you will be mainly responsible for the accident.

6: When skiing in a large area, you should go early and return early. Remember not to cross the boundary of the ski resort or stay away from the camp without authorization, so as to avoid accidents.

7: Master the intensity of exercise, avoid repeated sweating and cold or exhausted sliding back.

8: Please observe all ropes, signs, and markings on ski area boundaries. All areas marked as potentially dangerous may not be visible from the surface

9: When skiing, if you fall down, don't rush to struggle and get up. It's better to lift up your limbs and let it slide with the trend. It's not easy to get hurt and you should absolutely avoid rolling. From this point of view, when beginners slide down, the connection between the fixer and the shoes should not be too strong, and the skis should be able to automatically disconnect from the shoes after falling.

10: Snow blindness is a temporary or permanent eye disease caused by direct sunlight, snow reflection, or both. When snow blindness occurs, due to severe eye pain, fear of light, tears, tourists must wear snow blind goggles, it is best to block ultraviolet at the same time.

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