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Chongqing 4.5 free travel
Date:Every Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Price:From 2480 yuan
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Day 1 Zhejiang Chongqing

Zhejiang airport flight about 3 hours to Chongqing, the driver pick up the plane, check in Chongqing Hotel.

[warm reminder]

1. Please arrive at Yiwu Airport 2 hours before departure (the airport will stop check-in 40 minutes in advance);

2. Please bring your valid certificate;

3. The customer service personnel shall contact the tourists before 21:00 on the day before the tour (please keep the mobile phone unblocked) to confirm the waiting time and place.

Three meals: Hotel: Chongqing: baibuyuan, HONGPU courtesy, Qiuguo hotel or the same level


Day 2 free activities in Chongqing

Recommended attractions:

Light rail line 2: Liziba station of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 2 is the first straddle type monorail elevated station built and coexisted with commercial and residential buildings in China. A light rail will come in about five minutes. The light rail runs through the building. (transportation cost 2 yuan / person, Zeng Jiayan Liziba will take care of it)

Zhongshan No.4 Road: located in Shangqing temple, there are many historical relics on this street. It is the place with the most concentrated relics of the secondary capital and the Anti Japanese war. In addition to the special garden of the Museum of Chinese democratic parties, there are also Gui Yuan, Zhou mansion, Dai mansion, Zhang Kai mansion, and the former site of the president's office of the national government.

Mountain city Trail: the mountain city trail is a walkable path, which is located on the south slope of Yuzhong Peninsula. It passes through Zhongshan Hospital (the former legislative and Judicial Yuan of the Kuomintang government), Kangjian hall, Bodhi Vajra tower, former site of French benevolence hall, suspended plank road, etc., with a total length of 1748 meters.

Tongyuanmen ancient city wall: the Tongyuan gate and the city wall ruins are located in the Jintang Street section of Qixinggang, Yuzhong District. They are well preserved ancient city wall sites in the main urban area of Chongqing. It was built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Because of the long history and war and other human factors, it has become scarred and full of holes. Since Chongqing was directly under the central government, the site has been renovated to spread the Ba Yu culture.

Longmen haolao Street: the middle section of Nanbin Road, 4A tourism belt, facing the Yangtze River and backed by Nanshan, has a panoramic view of the scenic spots in Yuzhong. With a total area of about 359000 square meters, it is the best preserved and largest historical and cultural street in the main urban area of Chongqing. There are No.1 and No.2 buildings of American military officer villa, former site of Xinhua savings bank, customs villa, Italian Embassy, Belgian embassy, No.80 Wanger tower, 32-35 residential buildings in zaoziwan on the south bank, and American embassy bar.

Three meals: morning: Hotel: Chongqing: baibuyuan, HONGPU courtesy, Qiuguo hotel or the same level


Day 3 one day tour in Chongqing

After breakfast, the staff of the hotel pick up the guests and take a special bus to visit the Chongqing People's auditorium. The building is magnificent and magnificent. It is a masterpiece of the ingenious combination of Chinese traditional palace architectural style and the large-span structure of Western architecture. It is famous at home and abroad for its extraordinary architectural art. After that, visit the crown escalator (transportation cost 2 yuan / person * 2 times for self-care) in the movie "young you" by Zhou Dongyu and Yi close Qian Xi. Then visit the film "passing through your world" and visit "erling printing No.2 cultural entrepreneurial park" to look for the memory of the city. After that, go to Ciqikou, the Millennium ancient town, where you can taste Chongqing food and eat the ancient town Famous "maoxuewang, Guzhen chicken offal, handmade hot and sour noodles, dried sesame, zhangfei beef If you don't like the bustle, you can turn to the alleys and perhaps taste the most real life. Later, I visited the dregs cave and the white mansion. This is the place where the martyrs fought against the Kuomintang, and the "little carrot head" in the textbook was also held here. Now, it has become a historical scenic spot for educating future generations. Free tickets let tourists from all over the country remember the martyrs here. It silently tells that today's happy life is hard won. After the tour, go to Chaotianmen. In the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of the mountain city by taking the "Liangjiang cruise ship" in Fushi square, all kinds of commodities and rich food. Take a sightseeing boat and visit the Yangtze River and Jialing River at night. Start from Chaotianmen wharf to huanghuayuan bridge, turn around to the intersection of two rivers, and then return to Chaotianmen wharf near Sheraton Hotel. The journey is about 20km and the tour time is about 40 minutes (including the ticket). After the tour, you can take a taxi back to the hotel for rest.

Three meals: morning: Hotel: Chongqing: baibuyuan, HONGPU courtesy, Qiuguo hotel or the same level


Day 4 Chongqing Zhejiang

After breakfast, free activities, according to the flight time, go to Chongqing airport, take flights back to various places, end the happy trip. Although we don't give up, we get relaxed and energetic to return to the place where we live and work.

1. Please check out before 12:00, otherwise the hotel will charge.

2. Please check your belongings carefully to avoid leaving them in the hotel.

3. There is no tour guide service for your flight today. Please check in at the airport counter by yourself after seeing you to the airport.

Three meals: morning: Hotel:

A includes items

1. Transportation: arrange the model according to the number of people, use the car independently in the whole process, never compete with other guests, and put an end to infection

2. Admission: one ticket for each person of the two rivers tour. There is no refund for the project

3. Accommodation: 3 nights in Hongya Cave Hotel, Jiefangbei

Reference Hotel: baibuyuan, HONGPU Liyu, Qiuguo hotel or the same level

4. Meal: three in the morning. Dinner is not included in the whole course, and the meal is self-care. (special gift of Chongqing special noodles, 1 bowl per person)

5. The third day of Chongqing tour without local tour guide.

6. Insurance: in order to ensure personal safety, it is strongly recommended that each tourist purchase "tourist personal accident insurance". For details of compensation, please refer to the relevant claims clauses of the insurance company.

Excluding items

1. Chinese food is not included. Please take care of yourself and enjoy Chongqing special food at your own expense;

2. Do not include tour guide fee and tourists' voluntary consumption;

3. In order to ensure personal safety, it is strongly recommended that each tourist purchase "tourist personal accident insurance". Please refer to the relevant claims clauses of the insurance company for the detailed compensation details. If the physical injury and property loss of the guests are caused by traffic accidents, the compensation shall be made according to the measures of the people's Republic of China on road traffic accidents, with the right of interpretation and claim settlement The insurance company is responsible.

Children's arrangement

Children under 12 years old (including 12 years old) only include the parking space and guide service fee of the tourist car (including the ticket, bed and entertainment expenses at their own expense).

Shopping arrangement


matters needing attention

1. All the self-service tour products are priced on time. Please refer to the final price confirmed by us.

2. The ticket you have reserved is a group discount package ticket. Once it is issued, it is not allowed to sign and transfer the ticket. Due to the possibility of flight adjustment (including changes in airlines and departure time), the final flight situation is subject to the specific information at the time of issue.

3. In order not to delay your trip, please arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before the departure of the flight.

4. If the personal and property rights of tourists are damaged due to the delay or cancellation of public transport such as trains and flights, as well as the infringement of the third party, which can not be attributed to the travel agency, the travel agency will not bear the responsibility, but will actively help to solve the disputes between the tourists and the responsible party.

5. The hotel price is the preferential rate of the team. Once the transaction is completed, it cannot be unsubscribed. If the tourists are unable to travel due to the reasons of the tourists, the tourists shall bear the corresponding losses.

6. According to international practice, the hotel should check in after 14:00 and check out before 12:00.

7. If tourists need to upgrade or change the room type after staying in the hotel, they need to pay the room difference fee for the upgrade or replacement.

8. During the golden week, special festivals and other peak tourist seasons, the room reservation shall be subject to the confirmation of payment. Once confirmed, it shall not be changed at will.


1. Tourists are not allowed to visit or participate in projects or activities that violate the laws, regulations, social morality of China and the relevant laws, customs and religious taboos of the tourist destination.

2. Rest at night, pay attention to check whether the door and window are closed, and keep valuables close.

3. Please arrive at the designated place at the designated time. Please board the train according to the relevant exit signs. If the train is missed due to the tourists' own reasons, the loss shall be borne by the tourists.

4. In the scenic area, you can follow the guide or visit by yourself. After entering the scenic area, it is easy to get lost. It is difficult for the guide to follow each tourist in the scenic area. Therefore, the tour guide should mainly visit the scenic area by himself. If you are separated from the guide, please gather in the parking lot outside the scenic area at the specified time.

5. Smoking and littering are forbidden in the scenic area!

6. Please bring your valid ID card and the front page of your household registration for minor children.

7. Please bring your own camera, rain gear, anti-skid shoes, warm clothes, and wash and towel.

8. It is easy to lead to acclimatization when dining in different places. Please bring your own medicine.

9. During the free activities, the driver and tour guide may not be able to provide service. Please understand.

10. Please listen carefully to the tour guide's introduction to the scenic spots and remember the reminders and warnings of the guide.

11. Please take your valuables and cash with you on the way.

12. The opening time of the scenic spot is subject to the announcement of the day.

13. During the holidays, due to the large flow of tourists, it is normal to wait in line when entering the scenic area. Please understand and cooperate with the arrangement of the tour guide and the staff of the scenic area. If the tourists are unreasonable, the consequences will be borne by the guests.

14. The number of tourists often increases or decreases due to the group of individual tourists, so the license plate and tour guide telephone number come out relatively late; however, the tour guide will be from 19:00 to 21:00 the day before departure

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