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Six day tour in Zhangjiajie, Hunan
Date:December 2 / 10 / 12 / 18 / 20 / 23 / 28
Price:From 2899 yuan
1. Never add extra points during the day. If there is any violation, the inquiry will be true and the compensation will be 1000 yuan / person / point on the spot;2. Never delete the scenic spots in the itinerary without authorization. If there is any violation, RMB 2000 / person will be compensated on the spot;3. Individual customers are operated by the company independently, and they will never sell the group. If they violate the rules, they will pay 10000 yuan / person on the spotAccommodation: five star luxury hotel; days or Hilton huanpeng hotel with international quality in Changsha; days hotel or sunshine hotel in Zhangjiajie; Panlong villa in Wulingyuan; Fengtian International Hotel, Phoenix Garden Hotel or Phoenix Hotel in the world Heart!
Dining: free upgrade of five Zhangjiajie local specialty food, let you experience Xiangxi on the tip of your tongue.
Tour guide: regular tour guide with national license and private housekeeper service guide.
Driver: a new luxury tourist car is arranged for the whole journey, and the old civilian driver is steady and considerate.
Gifts: 1. Free scenic spots: Shaoshan environmental protection vehicle, Bailong ladder to and from; no preferential refund for transportation.2. Each person will be given a gift bag of local specialties in Western Hunan. Value: 98 yuan
Surprise service: specially tailored for you1. Carefully prepare Hunan special snacks, surprise service!2. Three times of tour service, after the meal to ask the guest's preferences, careful service!3. Xiangxi mountain road rugged, for your intimate preparation of carsickness medicine, intimate service!
Day 1 Ningbo - Changsha

The staff hold the white flag of Xiaoyao Hunan to pick up the station. After staying in the hotel, they can freely enjoy the special snacks and delicacies of Changsha. They can enjoy the slow life of Changsha. This is a real entertainment kingdom. The famous mango TV station Hunan Satellite TV is located in Changsha. It is a young and enthusiastic city When it comes, the lights are bright and colorful. We can walk into the old streets with profound historical and cultural heritage: Changsha Pozi Street Taiping Street Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street, witness the historical relic of the old and the new and the development of human civilization, taste the snacks and delicacies that have been handed down from ancient times to the present, and feel the food culture of collision between China and the West; when the food is over, go to dufujiang Pavilion and juzizhoutou to feel "hundreds of boats competing for the current, and eagles attacking the sky"; go to Xiangjiang theater to listen After entering the bar street of Jiefang West Road in Hunan, you can experience the visual feast brought by Changsha night life!

Changsha is not only a star city, but also a city of delicious food. The people of Hunan call it "capturing all living beings with a kind of color and expressing the world with a taste". There are also old Changsha sausages with bright color, mellow fragrance, delicious taste and thin skin and tender meat. The folk often eat the traditional Changsha snack sugar oil Baba, and the "tea color" that goes out of Changsha

Note: the pick-up staff should contact the guest by SMS in advance. Please confirm the arrival time of the flight with the staff after receiving the SMS. Our full-time tour guide will start working the next morning. The tour guide will contact the guest by SMS in advance to confirm the next day's itinerary, including the morning time, breakfast place and simple precautions. Please reply to the tour guide if you receive the message!

Day 4 Wulingyuan Tianmen Mountain Phoenix get up at 7:00 and breakfast at 7:30 8: We specially arranged to visit the local specialty supermarket of impression Zhangjiajie, a large agricultural and sideline product concentration area in Western Hunan Province. We visited the exhibition center of Tujia ethnic essence and traditional handicraft art. We went into impression Zhangjiajie local specialty supermarket, learned about Xiangxi's natural treasures, tasted Zhangjiajie delicacy on the tip of the tongue, and walked into impression Zhangjiajie and took away the whole western Hunan. 9: 30 to Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area (about an hour's drive) 10:30 to visit the holy land of climbing and praying, and the location of Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park for the film "heart flower road release" (including large ticket 261 yuan + shoe cover 5 yuan + one-way escalator 32 yuan) The tour time is about 2.5 hours). Take the world's long cableway (7455 meters in length) to enjoy the winding winding mountain road (Tongtian Avenue), climb 999 steps, and look up at Tianmen cave with a devout heart to pray for your family; the difficult glass ghost Valley stack Road challenges the limit of your courage as if it were suspended in the air, implying that it is a No You can't go to the scenic spots and other beautiful scenery. 13: At 14:00, take a bus to Fenghuang (about 3.5 hours by car) 17:30 at Phoenix Hotel. After dinner, enjoy the night view of Fenghuang ancient city, experience the night view of Fenghuang ancient city, and feel the charm of the city of sexual encounter. In the evening, you can choose the bar beside Tuojiang River for a small seat Activity 1, in order to save everyone's fatigue on the way, the tour guide organizes the whole group to play games in the car, such as brain sharp turn, idiom Solitaire, idiom guessing, place name guessing and so on. The tour guide will introduce the folk customs and living habits of Xiangxi to the distinguished guests. Three meals: morning: Middle: evening: Hotel: Hotel: Fengtian International Hotel, Phoenix Garden Hotel, Tianxia Phoenix Hotel

Three meals: Hotel: Hotel: Lanting days, Hilton huanpeng 2

Day 2 Changsha Shaoshan Zhangjiajie

After breakfast, you can start a journey of unlimited scenery

7: Get up at 00:00

7: 30 breakfast

8: It's about 1.5 hours to Shaoshan.

9: 30 visit the national (5a) scenic area, the birthplace of the great leader Chairman Mao, and the place where the red sun rises [Shaoshan] (environmental protection vehicle 20 yuan / person) Tour (about 90 minutes). It is said that Emperor Shun made a tour to the South and saw the beautiful scenery, so he played Shao music, attracted Phoenix to instrument, and the birds sang harmoniously. Shao's three daughters got the enlightenment here, Therefore, it is called Shaoshan. Visit the Bronze Statue Square of Chairman Mao Zedong and the former residence of Comrade Mao Zedong.

11: 30 Shaoshan with Chinese food, reference restaurant: Red Classic

12: 30 Shaoshan to Zhangjiajie (about 4 hours drive)

17: 30 dinner

18: Happy ending of today's trip!

Three meals: morning: Middle: evening: Hotel: days, Zhangjiajie, Sunshine International Hotel

Day 3 jinbianxi Tianzishan yuanjiajie

7: Get up at 00:00

7: 30 breakfast

8: 00:00 to world natural heritage AAAAA scenic spot [Zhangjiajie Forest Park] (225 yuan / person included)

9: Walk around the world's more beautiful grand canyon and natural oxygen bar [Jinbian River] (7.5 km in length, it is recommended to walk for a short time, and the tour time is about 1 hour). On both sides of the Strait, stone pillars and dangerous peaks are close to each other, and streams are trickling down, forming a vast pool of water, waterfalls, ancient trees and flowers, rare birds and animals living together and thriving together, forming a very beautiful and quiet ecological environment

10: Take the environmental protection vehicle to Bailong elevator to go up the mountain (including 72 yuan / person for one-way) and the queue time is relatively long in peak season, please wait patiently

11: 30 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Mountain TOP avatar restaurant buffet Chinese food

12: 30 visit the scenic spot of yuanjiajie (about 2 hours). Explore the prototype of "Hallelujah Mountain" (heaven and earth column), the majestic infatuation platform, and the world near the front bridge in Avatar.

14: Take an eco-friendly bus to Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve (about 1.5 hours) to visit the scenic spot of "who knows the face of the emperor, and doesn't see the mountain when the emperor comes back". He Long Park, the west sea peak forest, Yubi peak, stone boat sailing, fairies appearing in Avatar Scattered flowers and other scenic spots.

17: Return to yuanjiajie at 00:00 and take Bailong elevator down the mountain (including 72 yuan / person for one-way trip)

Take a green car out of the scenic area (about 20 minutes)

17: 30 Hotel Dinner

18: Rest in the hotel at 00:00, store up the spirit for tomorrow's journey, and enjoy the end of today's journey

Three meals: morning: Middle: evening: Hotel: Panlong villa, Zhangjiajie days

5 days phoenix ancient city - Changsha 7:00 get up, 7:30 breakfast 8: Visit the ancient city of Phoenix (about 3 hours): it was praised as a more beautiful small city in China by Louis Ellie, a famous New Zealand writer. Phoenix can also be called border town. It is the hometown of Shen Congwen, the father of local literature in the world. Walking along the two sides of Tuojiang River, enjoying the long Tuojiang River and the graceful stilted buildings, it gives you a feeling of being far away from the hustle and bustle, Watching the production process of Jiangtang and silver ornaments of Miao family, enjoying the original shooting site of Shawan Diaojiaolou and the film "fighting bandits in Western Hunan", the bend of Tuojiang River, a pile of green and micro peaks, a line of stone roads, a row of stilted buildings, a wind and rain bridge, and a group of cultural people. I don't know how many people dream about it. With more leisure and romantic feelings, they can enjoy the beautiful charm of the millennium old city Time to pursue the kind of not for the past, only for the vicissitudes of light sadness and charm. Warm tips: 1. Since April 10, 2016, the compulsory purchase of tickets in Fenghuang ancient city has been cancelled, and guests can visit the ancient city freely. In case of temporary compulsory collection of admission tickets by the government, the guests should buy 148 yuan / person for their own expenses. 2. Fenghuang ancient city is a commercial district, with shops of silver ornaments and ginger sugar Niujiaoshu and other shops are all over the streets. The shopping environment is beyond the control of travel agencies. Please choose what you are interested in. Therefore, we do not accept any complaints about shopping behavior in Fenghuang district. 11:30 Chinese food. Reference restaurant: Longyuan Shanzhai or impression Phoenix 12:30 back to Changsha (about 6 hours drive), check in hotel! Three meals: morning: medium: Hotel: Lanting days, Hilton huanpeng day 6 after breakfast in Ningbo, Changsha, you can go to the station or airport according to the high-speed rail or flight time, return to your warm home and end the pleasant journey. Three meals: morning: Hotel:

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