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Five day tour of Northeast China
Date:December 7 / 13 / 23 / 25
Price:From 4380 yuan
[team elaborately designed]: the travel experiencer personally experiences and seeks the characteristic resources of ice and snow in Northeast China. Good products speak for themselves. Through the feedback from customers, we constantly optimize the line and create a series of boutique groups without wallet. We are improving every year! Sales crown products, the cumulative number of years more than 100000 people!
[everything lies in sleep]: Harbin one night Boutique Hotel + upgraded one night luxury hotel, 12 constellation row villa, 4-6 people's folk warm Kang in Xuexiang.
[recognized satisfaction]: because of our efforts, we provide 24-hour customer service, 24-hour dedicated ground steward and 24-hour standby vehicles. No matter how late we come, we are waiting for you.
[ice and snow high score scenic spots]: Horse plowing through the sea of ice and snow, snow sculpture competition works, ice and snow Gallery, Fairy Tale Snow Village, photography base dream home, ice Valley, wanghong railway bridge, China Baroque, central street, Yabuli 5S snow field skiing for 3 hours, intangible cultural heritage culture tribe, crossing the millennium, snow hot spring, pig killing performance, flying saucer on snow and car floating on ice Mobile, snowmobile, ice Park, tunnel Errenzhuan, Russian household, Russian song and dance performance, ice bowling, Hezhe winter fishing. [gift value 3K +]
Hangzhou Harbin
With a long yearning mood, our friends take a flight to the beautiful ice city Harbin. The elegant and bright architectural colors, the colorful and prosperous urban style and features reflect the unique charm of such famous names as "pearl on Swan's neck", "Oriental Moscow", "Oriental little Paris". Our driver will take you to your hotel.
1: In the cold weather, we have prepared three sets of warm keeping (hat or ear bag, gloves, mask) for you to collect after receiving the airport / station.
2: the outdoor temperature in Northeast China is low, cameras, mobile phones and other electronic products are easy to run off. It is recommended to prepare more spare batteries.
3: Please keep the mobile phone unblocked and pay attention to receiving SMS. Customer service personnel will contact you one day in advance, please call Huicun customer service personnel, if you have any questions during the tour, please contact customer service in advance;
4: Due to the different arrival time in Harbin, there is no itinerary today. You can have free activities in the urban area of Harbin. The next day's tour guide will contact you before 21:00 tonight;
Accommodation: Yabuli Meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner
Harbin 5S Ski Resort - the Eighth National Cultural Heritage tribe - Yabuli (about 3 hours drive)

After breakfast, take a bus to the larger international ski center in Asia and the hosting place of the snow project of the 24th world college students winter sports meeting - Yabuli ski resort. Yabuli is the birthplace of China's skiing tourism industry, enjoying the beautiful mountains with snow, mangmanglin sea and magnificent forest and sea scenery in Northern China. The quality of snow in Yabuli area is excellent. No matter from the number, length, drop of snow lanes or other ski facilities and comprehensive service level, the snowboarding area of Yabuli is far better than other ski resorts in China. It is undoubtedly a better ski resort in China.

Upon arrival, we get the cold and warm ski clothes provided by the travel agency (can be used for three days free). Going to the sssss Xinhao sunshine ski resort in Yabli, located in the club of the Mediterranean Club of Yabli club, is a ski resort with domestic conditions and strength, which is a large comprehensive snow training center in China. The natural conditions of the ski resort are good, surrounded by mountains, dense forest and thick snow, spectacular scenery, unique landform, and closed original forest with ancient and wooden. Experience thrilling [3 hours skiing], (ski provides snowshoes, snowboarding, snowsticks). After skiing, we will issue [skiing Certificate] for everyone's wisdom and courage. Fast with your sassy skiing attitude, send to the friends circle to bask!

Chinese food taste [stew in iron pot]. There is a kind of local food only in the countryside in Northeast China, which is to burn the fire with wooden seeds and process it in a hot pot. Don't be surprised by its dish size! A hot pot of iron pot stew can make people warm from the tip of the tongue to the heart.

Entering the creation base of Harbin Calligraphy Association, the eight non cultural heritage tribes of Heilongjiang, we can understand the humorous and interesting calligraphy works of northeast "integrity" character culture such as "how to be integrated", "can be integrated" and "good integrity". It makes people feel the strong cultural atmosphere at the same time. Visit famous works, below is the painting station felt, put pen, ink, paper, inkstone long table. Such an environment, even a person who is not very good at calligraphy will be affected by such atmosphere, reach out for a try! Walk into the speech hall and take you through 1115, review the Millennium Jinyuan culture, the 100 year Guandong culture, and the modern urban culture. Visit the eight intangible cultural heritage projects: fish skin painting, birch skin painting, paper cutting, full embroidery, calligraphy, Chinese painting, engraving, firewood burning, pottery and other thousands of handicrafts.

Dinner tasting the typical dishes of Northeast China - Forest picnic.

After dinner, go to the factory wind bar with unique forest features. Friends can have beer together! Each person gives a bottle of Harbin beer. There will be a college students snow carving competition every year. As the branch of the snow carving competition, there are various snow carving works around. Come and choose the champion works in your heart! (due to weather and competition time requirements, it is expected to be after the end of December)?

You can make a bubble in and out of the room [snow hot springs], (gift event). "Watch watch with hot springs, comfortable for one second is one second" wash away the exhaustion and cold of the body, stay away from the noise of the city, and have close contact with nature, feel the ice and fire for two days, and perfectly copy the romantic atmosphere of "snow spring" in Hokkaido.

After that, we will check in the 12 constellation villa hotel we arranged for you. "You are in the sunny south, and the snow is flying. I am in the cold night in the north, the seasons are like spring. " When the snow in Yabli is flying, you stay in the hotel, is there a feeling of seeing the snow in the sunny sun. Through the window, you can see the road dyed into a white and vast scene, a good world of silver.

1. skiing tips: skiing is a high-risk sports activity, please pay attention to personal safety. There are professional ski coaches in Yabuli ski resort, and they can hire professional ski coaches to coach at their own expense, and the price of the coaches shall be subject to the announcement of the scenic spots;

2. we include 3 hours skiing experience. The timing method is: from the time of board leaving to the time of return, the overtime is charged according to the market price. [the project is scheduled in advance, without returning ski expenses]

3. 12 constellation Villa Hotel, each room will give 2 valid hot spring tickets once, which will not take the bed hot spring ticket for self-care; please provide bathing suit; people with hypertension, heart disease and other diseases are not recommended to participate in the project;

Accommodation: Xuexiang Meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner
Yabuli - Fairy snow town (about 2 hours drive)

After breakfast, take a bus to the snow town of China, and enjoy the snow covered, snow covered forest and snow plain scenery along the way. Snow village is hidden in deep mountains. Because of the frequent international awards for its photography works, the name of snow village in China is becoming more and more famous. There are higher mountains in northern China, dense forest, thicker snow and cleaner and transparent sunshine.

In the era of communication basically relying on roaring, heating basically relying on shaking, and traffic basically relying on walking, horse pulling sledge is the Mercedes Benz and BMW in the snow. Gallop in the snow country, enjoy the snow scenery, let you feel the rural life in Northeast China. How can you not play with the snow circle when you come to the world of ice and snow? Flying down the snow path from high place, feel different ice and snow experience! It will be more interesting to line up and slide down together

[here is a special reminder. After arriving at the destination, you must leave quickly to avoid being knocked down]

Chinese food tastes more authentic northeast flavor - [pig killing dish], "Cuihua, sauerkraut..." With the singer Xuecun's voice "yelling", the smell of northeast "pig killing dishes" is also floating all over the country. The pot of fragrant and hot stew has gradually become a new favorite on people's table. Tender meat soup fresh, fat but not greasy, appetizing appetite.

On the way, you can experience the car drifting on the ice. It's not too much to call it "fancy skating on the track" driven by a professional driver. The car roars in the snow and rolls up the snow. For the sake of safety, the speed will not be too fast, but it will certainly make you enjoy yourself. (before the runway freezes, it will be changed to snow land 4WD)

It's an unforgettable experience to ride through the forest sea and drive the snow motorcycle through the virgin forest. This wonderful feeling can not be felt from other people's descriptions and travel notes, only riding on the eagle , facing the wind and snow shuttle in the boundless forest will feel its charm! It is also a dream experience to cruise at a proper speed in the vast mountains and silver forests.

4.4 km across the rime landscape, authentic Gallery - [ice and snow Gallery] snow crystal clear, ingenious, the variety of snow scenery with the shape, shocking. When you are in the middle of it, you can enjoy the snow, climb the mountain and take photos. You can enjoy yourself and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Walking in the maze of the natural forest formed by the original fallen trees. Ruixue mushroom garden is like a fairy tale. Crossing the snow field, crossing the original snow field with snow more than 1200 mm. Enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature is also the exercise of perseverance and physique.

Fun and fun -- [ice and snow paradise], self-help snow climbing plow, snow dragon, ice top, ice pumping and other interesting ice and snow entertainment projects.

After arriving in Xuexiang, you can freely move. Take a walk in Xueyun street, which is a distinctive street in Xuexiang, to breathe the fresh air of nature; to watch the unique "snow curtain" formed by the snow hanging from the eaves to the ground, you can enjoy the beauty of the snow village, absorb the beauty of the snow village into your camera, leave a good memory, and then return to your residence to watch the night scenery of the snow town. The snow is white as white as jade Under the red lantern's illumination, just like the white clouds falling on the earth, the illusion is infinite

Visit the authentic dreamland photography base + Dongbei Errenzhuan. You can enjoy the beautiful snow scenery on the high altitude viewing platform in the snow village scenic area. All kinds of snow scenes are poetic and picturesque. When you climb this section of sightseeing trestle, you can see that the world in front of you has stopped several decades ago. The small wooden houses of hunters, the green brick and tile houses of wealthy families, and the mud walled low houses of farmhouses are one after another In front of the house and behind the house, the barn, the wood stack, the fence, the wooden ladder Only a few wisps of smoke, less human voice, dog barking and chicken crowing. Watch the Northeast Errenzhuan underground.

A full day should end with delicious food. The dinner is specially arranged with "self-service hot pot". The hot pot in winter is like ice cream in summer. If you take a bite, you can't stop it. Three or two confidants, sitting around the window, looking at the snow flying all over the window, tasting the warm hot pot, eating a kind of sentiment, a hot atmosphere.

The air with no doubt cold, but the mood is extremely happy. In the snow's "camouflage", a row of farmers also approved on the protective color. The whole world is covered with snow, as if even the noise has been covered. Tonight, we are staying in the center of Xuexiang scenic spot - characteristic warm Kang.

Xuexiang tips:

① Xuexiang climate is particularly cold, eating sugar gourd, raw and cold food, popsicles, catching cold, and so on are prone to gastrointestinal cold, diarrhea, fever, vomiting and other symptoms, so try not to buy casually. We will not be responsible for any adverse reactions caused by your purchase.

② Most of the service personnel in Xuexiang are poor in service consciousness for local villagers. Please forgive me for speaking directly.
Accommodation: Harbin Meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner
Snow town - Russian style park - ice Valley (about 2.5 hours by car) - Harbin (about 3 hours by car)

How did you sleep on the Kang last night? Do you feel like pancakes? Don't be lazy in bed! Dinner is coming! Breakfast in the farmhouse, authentic farm flavor! In the early morning, every farmer will light a fire to burn the Kang and cook. The curly smoke from the kitchen is accompanied by white snow. The beauty is unbelievable. The snow village at night is intoxicating, the early morning is crazy, and the day is fascinating. Don't miss the beautiful scenery in any period of time. Take your camera and push the door open. You think you have passed through it It's a postcard!

Return to Harbin, on the way to visit [Russian family], warm welcome. Old photos are displayed in the house, as if telling the history of the Russian nation. Our northeast is close to Russia, so we also have Russian culture here. Here, we can taste Russian food and experience the authentic foreign culture of Russia. If your children travel with you, this is a good opportunity for parent-child interaction. When we go into the Russian family's home, there will be a Russian aunt to receive you and arrange seats for you. The Russian uncle will play the accordion for you. We will sing and dance. How happy we are. You can put on the Russian national costume and take photos to leave a beautiful picture. Feel Russia's cheerful [Christmas atmosphere], and let visitors feel the romantic scene of staying at home and coming to Europe in the amorous garden. Go back to the coach and open the Christmas socks to find your own Christmas gifts, either a little bit sweet or a little sour.

Give [ice Valley] to enter the scenic area. You can see all kinds of jade trees and flowers, but there is no trace of "pen and ink". This is not the style of snow, but the rime ice hanging formed by the condensation of moisture and cold. The ice hanging is transparent and crystal like jade. The sunlight shines on it and emits dazzling brilliance. It is very charming. Ice hanging strange, some like stalactite, some like crystal, like fairyland in the world, so that people have unlimited reverie. The trees on both sides of the waterfall are covered with ice and snow. It seems that the trees are covered with a silvery white coat. From a distance, it is just like the silver branches of Yushu.

Let's have a fresh and interesting [ice bowling] war, which is also a noble sport. At the moment of putting out the ball, we should use the body's inertia to drive the ball speed to achieve the perfect effect of hitting the bottle. A complete process of the ball can mobilize almost every muscle of the body to see who is our deep Hidden sports talent!

Take a bus back to Harbin and have a dinner. The fish is also known as the giant panda in the water. Due to its delicious meat, it is said that the Emperor Qianlong gave it the name, which means the fish emperor. Today, we also enjoy the Royal tribute and feast our mouth. Arrive in Harbin to visit the ice and snow world (without guide during the visit).

Check in after dinner.

Warm tips: 1. If the scenic spots can't be visited due to the weather, the fee will not be refunded
Accommodation:  Meal: breakfast, lunch 
Harbin Hangzhou

Harbin - this is a city that never lacks stories. Because of its European appearance, romantic feelings and dreamy season, all kinds of "love robberies" will happen. But these are not its, belong to its admirers! Its story has long been scattered in the splendor of the city. Today, looking for its imprint, enjoy those beautiful scenery!

Watch the Hezhe [winter fishing], which is a unique fishing method in the north. Holes are made on the thick ice surface and fish in the water with fishing nets. There is no spectacular large-scale fishing performance like Chagan Lake. Only the daily fishing work of local fishermen is necessary to see the fish caught.

The wind of the river is blowing, crossing the railway bridge of thousands of miles; the old times are blurred, and the romance of the past is reappeared. Climbing the glass plank road -- Binzhou railway bridge, the railway bridge was built in 1900. I have seen it in films and TV series such as Harbin under the night, Valentine's day and daytime fireworks. I also experienced the merciless and helpless time to life in the variety show extreme challenge in Harbin station! The time line played by this bridge is a true portrayal of itself. The city that arose from it has experienced humiliation, war, sadness... It has also brought prosperity, status and development. Now, the curtain has come to an end. Standing on the bridge, looking at the two parallel rails at the foot, we can see its vicissitudes quietly.

You can visit the old alleys of the city and visit the one hundred year old official residence - [Daowai Chinese Baroque]. It has a unique artistic style, and its complicated and orderly appearance highlights the wisdom of the Chinese nation. Different decorations attract us to explore its implication. Wandering through the streets, they are gradually attracted, pondered and recalled. Incomplete buildings, mottled walls and empty houses will reveal the mysterious veil to us one by one and present the real one.

For lunch, try the dumpling feast.

The modern street is the capital of foreign art. Come on, take you through the street -- [Central Street]. There are 71 European style and imitation European style buildings in Central Street, and 13 protective buildings. It's not like a city, it's more like the world. Looking at the European style buildings all over the world, I feel the prosperity around me. I feel foreign style in an instant. It has no sense of the times. It has always been such a modern trend. Only the buildings on both sides of the street will remind us from time to time that it has been a hundred year old movie.

On the Bank of Songhua River, people's flood control memorial tower, a heroic city, is praised. Several dangerous high water levels are recorded on the tower. It is a relatively young protective building built in the beautiful Songhua River since the opening of Harbin port. It records several historical flood peak positions in Harbin and records the heroic moments of people's fighting against floods and protecting the city! It represents the memory of the history of this heroic city and the infinite longing for the future. Enjoy the park named Stalin Park by the name of international friends along the river. It is one of the summer resorts along the Songhua River, facing the sun island across the river. Built in 1953, the original name is "Riverside Park". With a total length of 1750 meters, it is a strip-shaped open park built along the dike and near the water.

Then according to the flight time to the airport, the end of a pleasant price all inclusive of the Northeast tour!


1. Sending tips: we make an appointment for the guests to see you off to the airport / railway station 2-2.5 hours in advance. Please keep the phone open.

2. End: if you are satisfied with the service, please send a wechat and fill in the feedback form; if you are not satisfied with the schedule, please contact our customer service staff before returning; we will deal with the problems according to the content of the feedback form, and we will not deal with the problems raised by the group after filling in the opinion form. Thank you for your cooperation.

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